Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing
Japan Academy of Gerontological Nursing
Gerontological Nursing in Japan
Nurses working in elderly care settings in Japan
Certified Nurse Specialists (CNS) in Gerontological Nursing
There are 31 CNS in Gerontological Nursing in Japan (as of January, 2011) working at a variety of care settings, such as acute hospitals and long-term care facilities.
In order to provide care for the elderly individually and comprehensively, CNS in gerontological nursing are required to suggest the best practice through practice, to take initiatives on quality assurance, and to contribute to improvement of the quality of life of their clients and their families.
In any care setting, it is important for CNS to suggest the best possible ways and redirecting the course of provision of care. For those who are in good health, CNS mainly act to provide support for maintenance of healthy living and a healthy environment, with foresight. For those who are not in good health, CNS provide early intervention and recovery for physical and mental aging, and for conditions such as delirium, undernourishment, and dehydration. Furthermore, CNS play important roles in establishing end-of-life (palliative) care that is acceptable and understood by the clients and their families. CNS also play roles in human rights issues, such as elderly abuse. CNS work closely and collaboratively not only with patients and their families, but also with the community, related organizations, and medical teams from the viewpoints of individual cases and the care system.
Table 1 shows higher education institutions providing Master's programs for qualifying as CNS in Gerontological Nursing.
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Certified Nurses (CN)
Certified Nurses work as a resource for nursing practice at high level, instruction for nurses, and consultation with nurses in a variety of settings from acute hospitals to communities. Actively involved in the nursing care of elderly clients, particularly in fields such as dementia nursing, wound, ostomy and continence nursing, and dysphasia nursing.
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Care settings for Gerontological Nursing